Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mmm.... the warm glow of week 12. Six left.

And my fifth should be about two thirds gone.  Pretty much, although I think I might not pour myself a regulation shot.  I guess I don't have a heavy hand when it comes to the alcohol- at least, when it comes to myself.  Maybe I'll serve the last of it on the rocks after the race.  That might not be a bad way to go...

Anyway, this week.  As I mentioned earlier, it was a step down week, a nice, easy 49 miles or ~ 70% of my max weekly goal.  I *almost* made it- I went 48 of 49, which isn't all that bad.  Especially after Friday's 2.5 hour 9.75 mile jaunt.  Really, running through eight inches (or more) of snow is really tough, particularly when I had and extra pound on my feet when compared to my regular trainers. 

But I digress.

The week went well, i think.  There were some normal difficulties inherent with running during winter, and I made adjustments and I think I did the work I needed to for physiological stress to occur, which (hopefully) will make me into a stronger runner.  Psychologically, too. 

So, with six weeks left, I have three "real" weeks of training before I begin my taper.  Thankfully, although Daniels' cuts miles back, he doesn't appear to cut back intensity much, so it'll be a nice, easy progression into the race.  That is, I won't feel as torpid as I have in the past with a three week taper.

For this next week, even though I'm back up to 100% max miles (70 for the week) the workouts don't appear too killer.  One is the standard long run of 2.5 or so hours (usually I'm with a group, so it tends to go longer) with a interval workout of 2 x 20 minutes at threshold pace with a 20 minute RI.  Not bad at all, really, if I can get the miles in.  I may be lucky enough to run with people on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday if things work out.  So if I get my intervals in on Tuesday, I'll be golden.

On the other hand, 12 miles on Tuesday and maybe 5 on Wednesday leaves 52 for Thursday through Sunday.  And I have to work Sunday.  Hm.... decisions, decisions.  I may do the double long run back to back on Friday and Saturday, just to get the miles in.  I'd love to be able to do two a days, but I just don't think my schedule allows for it.  Maybe next time!

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