Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oy. Tough run.

Oy. Tough run. But I know that is makes me stronger. But still... ouch.  Painful.

The two mile warm up was plagued by second thoughts about my shoe choice. I was thinking that I had messed up my Ravenna by putting screws into them, penetrating the hydroflow pouch. But I think I was just used to a shoe that had a different forefoot cushion.

Glad I stuck with them, though. I needed the traction.

the first interval went fine, though it was tough work. I tried to visualize running at a 7:20 pace, but it slipped a little outside of my reach. I think that having my hydration backpack on, too, made it a little more tough, beyond the usual slickness of the snow covered path.  12 minutes, 1.62 miles, 7:25 pace

the second interval was a bit more tough. I tried my hardest to try to have a pace in the 7:20s, but just wasn't able to get it done. I felt pretty heavy legged at the point, too. They just weren't responding the way I wanted.  12 minutes, 1.6 miles, 7:30 pace

the hour twenty at an easy pace went fairly well, although it felt like filler, ya'know? Busy work. But I figure it set things up for the final interval. 80 minutes, 8.9 Miles, 9:00 pace

This last interval was killer- twenty minutes at a threshold pace. I was supposed to be at 7:20, but I barely made it under 7:40. Twenty seconds per mile slower than goal pace. Most of the problem was accumulated fatigue, part of it was lack of nutrition during the run, and the rest was probably just lack of will. It hurt, I have to admit. My breathing and stride were all out of sync. And as much as I tried to push, it felt like the path was pushing back, harder. 20 minutes, 2.62 miles, 7:39 pace

Still, I got the workout done. My heart rates were pretty much where I wanted them to be. I have no complaints...

19 miles
8:40 average pace

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