Thursday, January 14, 2010

49 miles this week. An easy week. A step down week. A couple of hard interval sessions, a few easy runs thrown in for good measure, and I'm trying to figure out how to work in my group runs and the easy trail runs I want to do.

There just aren't enough miles in a step down week is what I'm feeling.

Tomorrow i'm looking forward to doing maybe 10 miles with a warm up, a cool down, and my threshold interval running session.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for as much fun as I had last week doing my threshold workout.
This week I'm hoping for a nice, relaxing, easy time doing my running.

Because when I say this week is a step down week, it logically implies that there's a step up looming over me like a barely scalable cliff, casting it's shadow over the training I'm doing now.

70 miles next week. it's a lot of miles for a middle of the packer like myself. It's what I chose for my max number of miles, and with 12 weeks left before game time, Daniels formula says it's time to do them.

I gotta say: I'm really looking forward to it. :)


Sun Runner said...

From 49 to 70? Methinks that breaks the 10% rule! ;)

(whatever...I'm guilty of the same myself almost all of the time.)

Fritz said...

Did ~63 last week and the week before.... so I'm obeying the 10% rule, but I'm also obeying the take an easy week rule, too!

Jeremy said...

When I was rolling out 70 a week last spring it felt pretty natural and easy...much better than when I was doing 55 and 5 days a week a few years earlier. Everyone's different, but I sure like the higher mileage when my schedule can handle it.

Fritz said...

Yeah, me too. I'm really curious about what doing 100 miles per week might feel like if I worked my way up there. Maybe some day!