Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good feeling...

Today, I've been plagued by good feeling. Kind of like when I was on SSRIs, only without the nerve tingling, nausea, weight gain, or other random side effects of Better Living Through Chemistry (tm).

The pessimistic part of me wonders if it's just the build up for some shoe to drop. A less pessimistic part of me thinks it's probably the 60 ounces of coffee I've had today. The runner part of me attributes it to the day off on Thursday, a great 16 miles trails yesterday, and an easy 8 today.

And the cynical part of me thinks that it's a harbinger of bad running. That cynical side believes that my level of contentedness and ability to indulge in constructive self destruction are inversely correlated. I have a harder time pushing through pain when I'm happy, and when I'm unhappy I can channel that into the pain to feel joy.

Sure it's anti intuitive, but it's also real. I can look with real satisfaction at the times when I've been (psychologically) broken during a race or a training run. At least, those times when I pushed through it. The physical eff-ups were not so good, but I haven't done my body any real damage. As of yet. So far as I know.

Tomorrow, I end the week with a modified Q run based on the one I should have run on Thursday, but decided my body would not have been happy to handle. If any, some, or all of the parts of me happen to be right, I'm sure I'll mention it in my weekly round up...

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