Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 8

Jack Daniel's is better shot than sipped. Learn new things every day!

It was a good week; the workouts went well, and i was smart enuf to take Thursday off when I felt my body was skirting the edge of breakdown. Nine workouts in a row, six of them either long (16 miles), intervals, or the 10 mile loop of Pontiac may have been enough to hurt me if I didn't treat my body with some TLC.

And the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday runs all went reasonably well or better, so I can't complain. 63 point something miles for the week, and that's all good.

i wore racing flats for the first time in a while today- the mile interval workout went fairly well, although i did get the shin thing again. I changed my form during the third of the five mile repeats, and- I don't know it was an epiphany type thing, or just something else- but things went faster. Noticeably faster. it's something I may want to work on in the future.

I could feel each stride where my feet were first coming into contact with the pavement. I worked hard for a mid to forefoot strike, because it seems to put less stress on my shin. And getting that level of feedback was interesting. I may have to practice it using my vibrams. I wonder if using the WBHS track is a possibility? Hm...

Next week... wow. 56 miles total. Q1 is 12-13 miles at marathon (8:00-8:15) pace. Q2 is intervals: two sets of 15-20 minutes at T (7:30s) with 3 minute rest intervals, and extra set at 10-12 minutes. Both do two miles up and two miles down; so 16-17 or so miles for Q1; maybe 12-14 miles for Q2. Good times! Oh, and I plan to run Running Fit's Superbowl 5K as a race to gauge fitness.

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