Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week 5

Definitely had it's ups and downs.

Hit my weekly mileage goal, which I'm happy about. I did 45 of them in three days, which is a little less happy.

I've found that running on hills with snow and a traction device makes for some slow going. And it's helpful to run with others- if they're going slow it kept me from going faster than i should.

I learned that running with a hydration vest in the cold is not so good if the water freezes in the drink tube. I also learned that putting the vest under a more typical warmth vest can keep that from happening. it also keep sunnut butter and jelly sandwiches from freezing.

I learned dates are yummy. Even though they're sticky and have a sort of bug like appearance.

I found my speed intervals suffered a lot from poor traction, but my threshold intervals were fine. the latter gave me a good confidence boost, and leg me to a goal time for Martian, if everything goes well:

I'm shooting for a PR, meaning below 3:32. Fly goal, sub 3:30, meaning faster than an eight minute pace. It ought to be good...

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