Friday, January 15, 2010

Anti minimalism

One thing I appreciate about running is that it's relatively minimalist. Really, all you need is a good pair of shoes and a willingness to work. And if you're into the barefoot thing, you don't even need the shoes.

On the other hand, running gadgets are cool! :) especially when you want to do something kinda stupid. Like run hilly, snowy, technical trails at night. Comfortably.

So to bore you, I think I'd make up a list of all the crap I put on to get my run done tonight. It won't be as bad as it could be: I tried not to think about how much all of this costs.

Shoes: Saucony Razor (waterproof with a built in gaiter)
Socks: Smartwool 3/4 crew, light cushion
refective ankle things: brooks nightlife
Tights: Asics
Windbriefs: sporthill
top baselayer: hind sleeveless T
top midlayer: smartwool lightweight half-zip
gloves: sporthill
Race number belt (for light #1): amphipod
Light #1: Princton Tec Fuel
hydration vest: nathan hpl 020
reflective vest: brooks nightlife
red blinker: serfas
headband: mizuno
light #2: princton tech remix
GPS: Garmin 305

Sadly, I couldn't resist giving a ballpark figure on how much this all cost: maybe around $800, with the Garmin being over a quarter of the total.

Still, that's a lot of stuff to put one foot in front of the other.

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