Sunday, March 14, 2010

14 down, Four to go!

This week:

M- off
T- 19.75 with LT intervals
W- 5 easy
Th- 13.25 with LT intervals
F- off
Sa- 15 easy
Su- 4 easy

Total: 57

I am looking at a srsly depleted bottle of Jack Daniel's.  :)

It was an excellent week of running- the two interval sessions I've already discussed at length.  Wednesday was a good group run, although I probably should have run a bit slower and easier knowing what I know now about the thursday run.  But ya'know- live and learn.

Saturday's run was great- I ran it with a friend whom I coached to her first marathon last year, in which she BQed and is currently training for Boston.  I hadn't seen much of her since then, and I'd been wondering how her training is going.  Since we ran about 15 miles together, I got to find out.  It was a lot of fun- I enjoyed the wind and the light rain, the hills and the freshness of the route.  I'd never run through Oakland University before- I started running right around graduation time.  Even though there was a lot of concrete, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  And the company made the time fly by- which is why we do group runs, right?  :)

Today's run, though, was just fun.  Four miles of trail running in my five fingers- for the first mile or so I avoided the puddles and mud.  Silly.  After than, I run through the worst parts of the puddles and had a marvelous time.  I don't know how it taps into the part of me that revels in the sheer, primal fun of getting down and dirty, but it does.  Definitely going to be more in my running come post martian.

Oh, and I also learned that the shoreline of the beach by pontiac lake is about 0.25-0.3 miles long.  Which is good to know!  :)  I'm thinking that I'll be doing my swimming there more than the lake I live on- the danger level will be a lot less if I can swim for shore and have it be only a few yards away.  harder to die, ya'know?  ;)

Next week is 49 miles, with 2x 15-20 minute intervals at LT, 35-40 min RI, and a long run (whatever that means).  So my Q workouts will take up about 31 miles, but that really doesn't mean anything because I'll be running with people anyway.  My only real question is whether I should only run Tuesday (Q1) and Wednesday (group) and then on the weekend with people- saturday with my WB friends and Sunday with RUT or go down some other path?  I'll only have 30 miles to divide between the two days, making me think I should see where the Saturday group is going to be, but... ah well.  I digress.  I'll burn the bridge as I cross it.

Four weeks to game day!  Four weeks to game day!  I'm already getting excited!  Yay!  :)

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Jules said...

Trail running through puddles and mud is *awesome* - makes you feel like a kid again!