Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So, this was fun-

Two miles warm up.  Then four intervals at lactate threshold (LT) for six minutes, with a one minute rest between reps.  80 minutes easy.  Then another four intervals at LT for five minutes, with the same rest interval.  Two miles cool down.

The first set was tough: but my consistency was spot on: 7:25 for all four.  My heart rates were 167, 166, 170, 168- so, almost exactly what I think of for my lactate threshold.

The second set was also tough, partially because I had already been running for over two hours when I started them.  But my paces were exactly the same for all four: 7:22.  My heart rates were a bit different, though: 170, 174, 180, 190.  Meaning I was really pushing for the last couple of sets.  I also got my heart rate up to 200, which was also kind of interesting.

And a funny thing was during the warm up, I was really worried that the workout wouldn't go well.  At the end of the first mile my pace was 9:30 or so, but my heart rate was up in the 190s.  I was wondering if I was having some sort of heart thing, so I started walking.  It fell to more normal levels.  When I started warming up again, It jumped back up.  Made me think I was coming down with something, and consider chucking the run all together.

But then my heart decided that it wanted to beat at a normal rate- 130s and 140s for the warm up, and I just went with it.  I'm glad I did- this may have been one of my favorite workouts evar.  :)

I do have a weight complaint, though.  I guess I usually weight myself early in the morning before I eat or have coffee, or after a run when I'm dehydrated.  That's when I get my 170.  I weighed myself after breakfast today, and was up to 175 (with shoes and running clothes on).  That made me feel dissatisfied.  Then I put my hydration pack on.  180.  Made me worried that  i wouldn't be able to do today's run well at all.  But I persevered, and it went well.

I am, though, thinking about keeping track of what I eat throughout the day, including a calorie in/calorie out type summery.  Might help me make better choices.  The neat thing is, after Martian, i can do whatever I want with my training!  Yay!  I'm playing with allotting my self a certain number of hours per week do exercise, and do my best to get them all in.  That might be a fun way to do things- it's not like anything I've ever done before.  As some of Bujold's characters are fond of saying:  "Let's see what happens." 

Also, for those of you who may have waded through all the silly technical details today's workout- robins may be the traditional sign of spring, but personally I think when women feel warm enough to just wear a sportsbra during their run- that's the sign of spring I find most compelling.  :)


Cindy said...

guys are so lucky they can run shirtless

Sun Runner said...

I find that my HR zooms up really high in the early stages of my runs, and then gradually drops to a more acceptable level as I proceed. So you're not the only weird one. :)