Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tapering, changing plans, and feeling sluggish

I'm never quite sure how to handle the taper.  I'm sure I've never done it well.

So, this week I'm supposed to do 49 miles; a good 21 miles down from my peak.  49 miles isn't bad- it's an average of seven miles per day, which seems like a lot.  But when I do the math for the required Q workouts by Daniels, those take out a good 30 miles out of the equation in two days, leaving me 19 to split among the remaining five.

19 miles.  five days.  Less than four a day.  So I took Monday off, and I took today off, and I ran a very easy six on Wednesday.  Tomorrow I get an easy five or so, and Sunday I'll do a loop of Pontiac with RUT.  But one hard day in five just feels... wrong.  Like my body is deciding that I'm not really serious about running anymore and wants to go back to days of 25 miles per week and no hard training.

I just hope I'm able to use the hard run to teach my body otherwise.  Although it was originally scheduled for Friday, I've moved my Q1 workout to Saturday to run with the group at Kensington.  It may well be one of the more tough workouts I get to do- 15 miles at marathon pace, with four miles of easy running.  If I can't do it, I think I'll be screwed for the race, but it'll be exciting to find out!

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