Monday, March 22, 2010

Plan for the week

M- rest
Tu- 11 miles. Q2- 2 x (20 min easy, 15-20 min threshold) 2 miles easy. Indian Springs.
W- 5-7 miles. WB group run.
Th- rest
F- 19 miles. Q1- 2 miles easy, 15 Marathon pace (~8:00) 2 miles easy. Kensington.
Sa- 7 miles (or so). WB group run.
Su- 10 miles. RUT run. Pontiac Rec.

52-54 miles planned, 49 miles suggested.  If the WB Saturday run is somewhere far away, or I have insomnia again the night before or whatever, I'll probably give it a miss.

Same goes for the Wednesday night run- I'll be working from 9:30-4. If I hang for the group run, it'll make for a 12 hour day at Running Fit, which is sometimes more than I care to do. Depends on how the shift goes.

I'm excited about the Friday run- it's kind of the pinnacle of my training.  I hope the fact I'm doing it a Kensington won't interfere too much with my performance.  I think it'll much more closely mimic the race, so it'll be better for me.  Also, I'm getting a bit tired of running the loop around Indian Springs.  It's nice, and familiar and everything, but I think this'll be better.  Hopefully carrying all of my own water won't be much of a factor, either.  Or at least be balanced by the fact I'm going to have to stop and fill it up.

Exciting times!

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