Friday, March 26, 2010

Daily Mile challenge

This was not a great time to accept a challenge.

The Daily Mile is not unlike a cross between a running log and facebook, except without the postings of friends becoming with friends with people you don't know and updates about mafias and farms and stuff.

It does, however, have a garmin connect feature (new this week) and the ability to issue and accept challenges.  Also, there's a leader board amongst you and your friends on who's running the most weekly miles.  The trash talking is all in good fun and the like, part of me really doesn't want to be humbled on the leader board.

Which brings us to challenges.  The first challenge I've accepted is to run 200 miles in April, so I'd have to  average about 50 miles per week.  I don't foresee it as too much of a problem, because I have a great ability to screen out things I don't want to see.

I'm tapering.  I might be up in the 50s during the first couple of weeks in April, but it might be in the low 40s, too.  I might sneak in a few miles, but the idea of sabotaging my marathon because of a silly daily mile challenge doesn't seem terribly smart.

Also, marathon recovery usually takes a while- usually a couple of weeks, if not more.  I'd love to be the guy who is able to do an easy 10 the day after a marathon, but I'm just hoping that I'll be able to wander about without looking like I've well and truly damaged myself. 

And lastly, I'm getting more into the spirit of doing triathlons, I think.  There's a part of me that really enjoys having the beginner's mind.  The knowledge that I'm so amazingly slow in the swim and so mediocre at the bike that I'm almost certainly going to be in the cellar of my age group cuts off any competitive impulses.  I can go just to learn, and enjoy myself.

I like to do well.  It's just that I have to change my definition of "well" to fit the circumstances.

Which comes back to this challenge.  It'll be a challenge.  Which, now that I think about it, is kind of the point.  :)


Sun Runner said...

updates about mafias and farms and stuff

I've "hidden" ALL of that in my FB feed. I don't really give a crap if you fed your pigs or found a pot of gold or got a prediction from your favorite psychic or what your horoscope is for the day. Bah.

Hard to believe Martian Marathon weekend is only 2 weeks away! (which of course means Boston is only 3 weeks away...yikes)

Fritz said...

Yeah, time flies. I remember when I first cracked open the fifth of Jack. Only two shots left!