Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two weeks to go

Saturday run- the run I feared- went really well.  Two miles up, 15 at marathon pace, two miles down.  My splits were a bit off, and some were slower than others (I think one of them was down to a 8:08) but for the most part I was spot on, and only a couple of seconds off of an 8 minute pace average for the 15.

Feels good.  A decent confidence boost- much better than the fiasco that was Friday.  And though it started off chilly, the sun was up and the people were out, and I saw a number of other runners out there both in my group and not.  Even though I ran the majority of the miles alone, still kind of nice to feel as part of a community.

I did discover that fencing really doesn't hold much of an allure for me.  Its fun, but it's not great fun.  If I had developed more relationships with the people there, I may have tried harder to get out there more, but... it just isn't a priority, and I don't strong incline to it.  Was nice to see some old fencing friends again, though.

Also nice to run with RUT this morning.  Good folk, and hopefully I'll be able to make it to a goodly number of their runs this summer.  I would really like to get a bit more time on the Poto, and I do like Island Lake, too.  Although if I do go to Island lake, I may really be tempted to bring all of my tri stuff and do a proper swim/bike/run and the like, making it and all day thing of exercise craziness.  Who knows?  The trail goes by Spring Mill Pond.  Maybe I'll just take a short cut and try to swim across while others are running.  It would only work if I manage to cut 4/5ths of the distance off, though.  My running speed and swimming speed are *vastly* different.

Next week will sort of be interesting.  I'm supposed to do 60% of my miles, which equals 42, but I not only have the two Q workouts, but the "week before the marathon" work outs start to come into play.  Between the two I'm pretty sure I'm at 50 odd miles, which is a bit more than 42.

No biggie, I think.  It'll be fun!  I may just skip the Saturday run, since I have to work.  Ah, the sacrifices I have to make for real life.  It's a terrible thing.  :P

Two weeks.... really something close to 12 and one quarter days.
Less than 100 miles of training.
Weather, luck, and accident/injuries permitting, I get to really let my demons come out to play.

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